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“We advise and coach entrepreneurs on how to better run and grow their service companies and give them the tools to do it.” - Jonathan

back·tell [bak-tel], verb

1) To communicate, transfer and share vital, accurate information throughout the organization in real-time.

2) To transfer information from a higher to a lower echelon of command.


- Synonyms 1. Significant Profit 2. Maximum Competitive Advantage 3. Fast Growth
4. Business Automation 5. Cost Control 6. Increased Speed 7. Freedom 8. Minimal Missteps
9. Decision Making Clarity



Jonathan Pototschnik
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Pototschnik began building software systems and providing technical consulting to a variety of clients in 2000.  Prior to co-founding BACKTELL (continue reading...)



John Caldwell
Founder & Chief Technology Officer

John Caldwell has over 19 years experience developing leading edge solutions in the decision support, financial and business sectors. John (continue reading...)